Teatro Farnese


On the first floor of Palazzo della Pilotta a monumental doorway in painted wood, surmounted by a ducal crown, leads us to the Farnese Theatre: a spectacular setting that still conserves reminders of the sumptuous life of the court of the Farnese Dukes. Almost completely destroyed by bombs in 1944 and rebuilt in modern times, the building exemplifies some of the most exceptional theatre architecture of the seventeenth century.

Events at Teatro Farnese

The theatre does not have its own drama season, but it is often used for a wide range of cultural events during the summer. To stay informed subscribe to our newsletter (only in Italian)

Correggio in the Camera di San Paolo

The charm of the frescoes by Correggio and the originality of his illusionism make the Camera di San Paolo one of the greatest masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance. Although it has always attracted visitors and distinguished scholars from all over the world, its meaning still remains mysterious.

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Browse among the instruments of the alchemist

Retorts, stills and apothecary’s jars that represented the valuable equipment used by the monks for the preparation of mysterious alchemical potions and medicines in what was once one of Parma’s leading pharmacopoeia businesses.